Ask your councillors to support more open streets for London

Welcome! We are working with residents and partners across London to create new open streets, space for safe social distancing, walking, cycling, and local business. This means taking back our most abundant public space - the streets - for play and community events and the creation of new public green spaces. Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of local community spaces and our local high streets and this year, it is time to celebrate the streets’ potential as a shared public space.

By asking Councils to open up our streets for pedestrians, cycles, and local businesses, and to close them to motor vehicles starting with certain times during the day or on weekends, we are starting a community-led conversation on the future of land use, public space, and mobility across London. One street at a time!

Want more space to move freely and breathe easy? Now is the time to Ask For It

This platform enables residents across London to request five schemes be activated in time for World Car Free Day in September:

Play Streets

Play Streets enable local residents to regularly open up a road for play on a weekly, or monthly basis, bringing communities together and encouraging healthier, active lifestyles for children and adults alike. Help us make 1,000 Play Streets happen across London.

School Streets

Opening roads outside schools so that only pedestrians and cyclists can use them during school start and end times improves air quality and creates new space for active play during a time of social distancing. Some schools can even work with parents to permanently close streets to traffic, converting them into new community gardens and public green spaces for play and leisure. With over 3,000 schools across London, there is lots of work to do!

Pedestrian-priority high streets

The London Plan identifies over 200 town centres that would benefit from more pedestrian-priority or fully pedestrianised high-streets. There is an opportunity to trial a future of vibrant, pedestrian-priority town centres by widening pavements, improving crossings and removing traffic to enable high street shopping and eating in the era of social distancing. Let’s celebrate the future of a thriving local business system and walking high streets.

Traffic filtering & new parklets to transform the streets

With 6.8 million parking spaces across London taking up over 8,000 hectares of land, it is high time we started converting more of this space to alternative uses. Amsterdam is converting 10,000 parking spaces and Paris plans to transition 60,000 parking spaces to more productive uses as new public parks, commercial and residential space. London can do the same! Ask your councillors to install traffic filters and parklets on your street, or team up with a local business or a school to install new parklets to create new green walking streets.

Let your councillors know that you would like them to show leadership and commit to trying at least one of the schemes above - or all of them if you are lucky.

This Ask For It campaign is a shared initiative with: Mums for Lungs, London Play, Meristem Design

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